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From her love of making up people's faces came Melinda's love for creating the perfect brow. When people sat in Melinda's chair often the first thing she would look at was their eyebrows and she would immediately get to work on improving their appearance and educating her client on how to achieve the perfect brow shape.

Eyebrows frame the face, if the eyebrows are looking good all the other facial features are enhanced and look better. If shaped and defined well brows can also make you look years younger, giving the appearance of an instant eye lift!

During Melinda''s brow design session she will firstly discuss the best brow shape for your facial features and structure. She will then design and show you how she is going to shape your brows. Your brows will then be sculpted to perfection using a combination of methods including waxing, plucking and trimming. If necessary the brows will also be tinted to enhance their appearance and suit your colourings. Melinda will then educate you on how to maintain the look of your brows until your next session, this may include using products such as brow powders or brow pencils to fill in any gaps in order to keep them looking perfectly defined!