Are you one of those women with a huge makeup bag but no idea how to use any of the products inside? Or a bride wanting to do your own makeup for your special day? You can learn all the makeup tips and techniques you will need in a 1 on 1 makeup lesson.

Or maybe you are trying to organise something fun for a hens weekend, or wanting to reward your employees with something they will truly enjoy and benefit from? Melinda's group workshops are a great way to get some girls together, have fun and learn everything you've ever wanted to know about makeup!

All makeup lessons and workshops are tailored to suit the individual, group or occasion. Let Melinda know exactly what it is you want to master and she will organise a lesson/ workshop for you to achieve that goal. She will take you through all the steps to creating a flawless face, from skincare to fake lashes, focusing on the areas you want to learn about most. She will also recommend which products will work best for you, so that next time you head to the beauty counter you have a better idea of what you are looking for! Bring in your makeup bag and Melinda will help you sort through the products you already have, choosing the ones that are most suitable for you and teaching you how to best apply them.

No matter what the reason or occasion, Melinda will come to you to conduct all lessons/ workshops. Whether it be in the privacy of your own home, in a city hotel room or at your work place, you will be guaranteed to have fun while learning how to apply your own makeup like a pro!

All lessons and workshops run for approximately 2 hours. Drinks and nibblies can be arranged by request. Complimentary champagne is available at all lessons/ workshops. Makeup lessons and workshops can also be purchased as a gift, so if you know of someone who would absolutely love to have the opportunity to learn from a professional makeup artist, contact Melinda today.